Modern Archaeology may seem a contradiction in terms, but its a big thing in acadaemia at the moment. Maybe its because students like rummaging through landfills. Fact of the mattr is with the disposable aspect of everyday culture there are aspects of human society and behaviour which is next to impossible to get any evidence on at all, once their time has past and everything is junked. Take bus tickets in London.

There was a time when buses used to have tickets given to you by the driver. This became such a littering hazard that the buses used to have special bins on board, small onese by the doors for Used Tickets, which your rolled permit to travel would get flicked into. Then all of a sudden a nasty man called Ken Livingstone wrote a death warrant for all those Used Tickets boxes, and suddenly no-one had tickets at all. So the boxes were removed from the buses as if they werer never there.

You can still see UT bins in other cities, but they are nigh on dead in London. In the future, what will they think happened? An extinction event I daresay.