POST INTRO 1: I just saw a man as I got off the bus with a tiny little moustache shading the philtrum twixt nose and lip but no wider than his actual nose. I do not believe I have ever seen a moustache like this on a live human being.

POST INTRO 2: I just saw a man with a Hitler moustache!!!

Does anyone believe that the monstrosity of Hitler’s acts in the 20C were due to his moustache? Is there any suggestion that his moustache in some way contributed to the final solution? I think any right thinking person would probably mark the connection as tenuous at best. Nevertheless the so-called Hitler moustache (note, not Little Tramp moustache) is out of currency in the facial hair world. It may be that the tache is a ridiculous thing, a fussy piece of garden furniture on a clean shaven face. From a shaving point of view its one more stroke. And yet the exactness, the fussiness may well have been its appeal – Roger Hargreaves Mr Fussy had such a moustache after all. Nevertheless, with the exception of the bold man I saw this morning, this look has gone out of fashion. And I know it loses the argument, but I blame Hitler.