1: Mole Jazz

(Part one in an occasional series, done partially under protest because one of the best things in London is the constant renewal – good and bad.)

Mole Jazz used to be right at teh bottom of the Gray’s Inn Road as it turned into King’s Cross. It was there as long as I remembered and I used to think, “hmm – if I liked jazz, I reckon that might be a favourite”. Then it moved.

Across the road. To a slightly larger premises with a basement. I know this because when the new shiny store opened I went in. I was toying with buying some jazz, because if I liked jazz then I could go to Mole Jazz (this was probably not my thought processes at the time, but in the cold light of day seems utterly plausible). However a beginner should never go into a specialist shop to make their initial purchases. After toying with the odd Miles Davis CD I got scared and scarpered never to return.

And it is never now because this Mole Jazz closed down about three months ago. A Subway sandwich shop (sub shop) has popped up in its place. Perhaps the new retooled Kings Cross has more need of sangers that singers (cheers) but I’m sorry to see the sax blowing mole leave Kings Cross. Except of course he hasn’t. Because over the road, where the original shop was, there is still the banner saying “Mole Jazz Has Moved”.