Last night, in my commitment to not kowtow to the critics, I decided to watch 2014 flop comedy Let’s Be Cops. It was, I believe, reviewed particularly harshly because it came out just after the Ferguson shooting. The plot of Let’s Be Cops is two emasculated shlubs dress up as cops for a fancy dress party, and then get mistaken for actual cops, where suddenly with their new found authority they exploit and bully their neighbourhood remorselessly for cheap laughs. The cheap laughs are not in the film, and I get the sense that the public did not want to see people pretending to be cops getting away with figurative murder when there were actual cops bullying and intimidating a community and actually getting away with murder.

I let the movie roll though, and as I had been thoroughly distracted let the entirety of the credits roll too. Past the best boy and the gaffer. Past the music credits. Past even the Technicolor roundel thingy. And at the very end, where “James Bond Will Be Back” would be in a Bond movie was this message:
lbc final

This has just come after four minutes of credits which has made it quite clear that lots of people, more than you could imagine, worked on this film. So why is this here? Is it to make me feel better for wasting money on this lousy piece of work? Is it to show what a great employer Hollywood in general is, the Let’s Be Cops family in particular. Was it for some form of tax break?

All I’m saying is that one of the 13,000 people could have mentioned to the mucky-mucks that the film hasn’t got any jokes in it.