Score five for each correct hit:

Names we expect to see:
Chloe, Jack, Sarah, Pete, Ricky, Mickey, Kylie (the Kylie generation are above age now!), Shaquille, Dave, Wu, Lewis, Marmaduke, Dunstan, Sanjay, Carsmile, Martin, N., Sharona (My), Jessicca, Nike, Crispin.

On the names we expect one housemate with a brand name for a name. We also expect one housemate will have a common name spelt wrong (cf Jessicca).

Other gimmicks:
A celebrity (cf opposite of Chantalle in CBB), twins*, a disability, someone with “Raw London Edge”, showers made of gold, a completely transparent interior walls, a heavily pregnant (six months) lady, no gays, someone of East Asian ethnic group (prob Chinese), an eastern European migrant worker – probably Polish, the ceiling slowly coming down over the run of the series, someone who is extremely obese, a satanist accountant, a proper male posho (probably Marmaduke), a priest (lapsed/defrocked), a priate (arrrr!), a mutant, sinner/winner man (semi-cleb), a naturist, a Sun journalist/the Fake Sheikh (cleb) someone with a big beard, Tom Ewing’s mother, a crawler.

*Initially we considered Siamese twins but the eviction problem really kicks in. It is also possible that the celebrity / twin crossover could be done, in which case expect the Alessi Twins from 80’s neighbours to join Kylie et al.