ok, i can’t really object to james “wait let me just overwrite some more” wolcott claiming L&O:CI is better than the sopranos cz even if i didn’t actually agree (and i do more or less agree, d’onofrio’s phone-it-in robotic aspergismus notwithstanding), this is the kind of hohum critical gotcha i pull the whole time (eg of COURSE pokemon 3: the spell of the unown is better than any of the pseudo-swanky toytown nonsense committed by er bresson etc zzz) — but BOY is wolcott’s anti-dream sequence take weak: both the L&Os and the CSIs wd be EVEN BETTER with dream sequences and indeed the intervention of ghosts, hellmouths, timeslips, and general all-round otherkin action! how is this not obvious?

“Horatio! Ik bin dein Papas Spook!”

*i can’t be bothered to explain this joke it is so funny