I was in a ‘Discount Media Store’ recently. The kind of place where books are heaped everywhere and yet, incredibly, they’re all rubbish. And the shop smells like a big wet dog. Outdated travel guides, calendars, remaindered fiction, calendars and calendars. Having no need of a new calendar (I already own a fine Girls Aloud one), I perused the DVD box sets.

A Hitchcock box set for £6.99! Six films, all from the 1930’s. I was suspicious of the price, but the chav at the counter confirmed it. I asked why so cheap and she said, not unreasonably, this was a discount store and it sold discounted stuff.

This is why it was £6.99. The Lady Vanishes. So does the last twenty minutes. Jamaica Inn at least includes the whole film, but in the wrong order. The 39 Steps doesn’t get past the credits. The other three I’ve yet to try, but I expect they’re dubbed into Klingon.

The price made it worth a punt, but it ruined my rainy Sunday.

*Pun apologies