So it has come to this. Final Destination 3. A film whose relation to the original pair is merely a concept, and the amount of fun said concept (killing people in far fetched accidents) can provide. When a film gets to this point in a franchise however one wonders where it can go.

STRAIGHT TO VIDEO SEQUELS: This I find quite exciting. The FD films are not very expensive, but clearly the directors have always had enough money for their excessive exploding head effects. But as the concept of the film is innovative accidental death, surely the smaller budgets of STV could actual improve the possibilities. As noted, the deaths in FD3 rely and awful lot on bloody, pulped bonces. Where are the comedy poisonings, the falling from heights? Low budget often leads to innovation.

TELEVISION: Consider this. Final Destination Investigations. Someone dies in mysterious circumstances. The police think it is foul play. But actually it is just death getting what was cheated from him. The FDI have to prove this. All the time while bizarre deaths go on around them.

Or of course they could always just take the boring medical bits out of Casualty…