Before the hordes arrive talking about Life On Mars (aka Goodnight Sweeneyheart) I caught the first episode of the new series of Without A Trace last night. What a misnomer that title is: every week there is a trace, THAT IS THE POINT, THAT IS HOW THEY FIND THE PEOPLE. Anyway, Tony LaPaglia, the actor with the worst grasp on accents working today (his Australian comes out whenever he shouts) and his team got involved in a story whose plot was a few shades off identical to The Interpreter. Fictional African country – check. Nice girl white assassin – check. However what Tony’s team had on their side was that they were just interested in the missing person aspect. Which means from a crime clean-up rate they also managed to pull in
a) Two murders
b) Gun running
c) Assassination of a foreign national
d) Embezzlement
e) Underage teenage pregnancy.

That’s a clean-up rate.

Oh, and you know its a Jerry Bruckheimer production as the episode cleanly has a “This Week One Of The Team Must Die” stamped all over it, and you just know that it isn’t going to be Marianne Jean-Baptiste whose heart stops for a few minutes in the show. And now I have to watch next week to find out who.