I went to see the Memories of Geisha Girl Film yesterday and was surprised at the things I learned.

a) Geisha Girlz were all Chinese.
b) They can juggle fans, which to Japanese men are irresistible.
c) They play very out of tune ukeleles.
d) Everyone in Japan speaks English with a dodgy Japanese accents until they meet Americans when they speak English with a dodgy Japanese American Accents. Americans speak English with proper American accents, but cannot understand what the Japanese people are saying, even though they are speaking in English.
e) Women are bitchy and hold grudges forever.
f) Men do not have surnames and are only referred to by their profession.

Despite being quite a slow movie and cheating us by not showing any actual war scenes despite being set over WWII, I rather liked Memories Of A Geisha Girl. I have been led to believe that this is due to not having read the book and despite having been to Japan very little sentimentality as to how crudely or inaccurately its customs are displayed. Still it did seem a waste to have a film starring Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh and have no-one kicking no-one up in the air.