1: In Her Shoes yet again goes to illustrate the general difference between Chick Flicks and Chick Lit. Chick Flicks are for women (so are usually rom coms) while Chick Lit is about women. In Her Shoes, is Chick Lit made into a film, and therefore the very perfunctory romance in the middle seems odd.

2: It is the best food film I have seen in ages. The sushi scenes and in particular the grimy Jamaican restaurant really understands what is so sensual about food. That said though, if I ever went to a restaurant and someone else dared to order for me, they would get a slap.

3: The ending: a wedding at the Jamaican restaurant would only happen in a film based on a book.

4: But if we are talking about food, this is another film where a lead character constantly complains she is fat whilst plainly not being so. Toni Collete does not even go near fat (even in Muriel’s Wedding she is not exactly huge!)

5: Diaz does not exactly extend her range, but she does what she does very well.

6: Lawyer becomes Dog Walker : Party Girl gets sensible and becomes a Professional Shopper. Christ, is this what has become of feminism?