i. actual real plot some vacuous guff about derailing trains and codes and a disgruntled employee zzz
ii. sub plot the UNSPOKEN SMOULDERIN HOTS of math-bro for his girly sidekick and vice versa
iii. as expressed via the comedy shenanigans of this fatuously aggravatin fellow* and someone we never saw:
iv. viz that having had steamy bones-jumpin w.same, is now insisting that “statistically” the SBJ will never be as good again, so WHY RETURN HER PHONECALLS EH?
v. = he is hiding from her in the MATHS DEPT bcz historically it is the least libidinal dept in the university — cue IRONIC CLOSE-UP of MATH-BRO a-YEARNIN ect ect super-obv ect