Apple sold 1 million video downloads in 20 days . Though most of those downloads were music videos, the downloads of Lost also did well despite being $2 a shot. This guy commenting in slashdot has watched ALL of Lost (to date) from Apple’s iTunes store. Series 1 alone would have cost him $50, on a show retailing BRAND NEW at $30. And the image size of the downloads is just about regular telly, non-widescreen, quality.

The art of selling part-works, eh?

Undeniably, telly downloading has reached that combustion point/tipping point/take off/whatever, so well done to Apple for showing this can be done legally, and picking what looks like the right time to get it going.

And for all the brits and aussies (who do this more than the american’s apparently) wondering what the bloody hell is up with the 2-week break in the new series of Lost – apparently this is all down to Nielsen sweeps. Look! A gap between Oct 26th and November 3rd – better fill it with repeats, especially as in an important episode SOMEONE WILL DIE OMG!!!eleven (white ink spoiler).