Actually, a rubbish tale. Called Rag Tale. I actually saw this about three weeks ago but was wary to mention it due to
a) embarrassment
b) The mere mention of it – even if I were to say IT IS TERRIBLE – might make someone go and see it.

Not since Alien Vs Predator have I seen so many warnings about a film in reception. AVP was about strobe lighting. Rag Tale was about an idiosyncratic editing and shooting style. Basically Rag Tale is shot as if someone is, in a Norman Wisdom style, having trouble putting up the camera tripod and so is constantly falling over.

I would be the first to admit that a film which is set in basically two locations might be visually uninteresting. So you go the extra mile with your script, not with shonky, five cuts a second editing. I agree that looking on a static camera shot of John Sessions could be unpleasant: the secret is not to cast him in the first place.

And just to make sure you don’t see it, I shall spoilt he plot here, as it is so ludicrous as to make me feel stupid for even watching it. Newspaper editor is having an affair with his deputy editor who is also the proprietors wife (bad form). His boss finds out, editor ends it. Editor then worried than his ex, the bosses wife, is going to get his job (cos that’s the kind of thing you do to reward your wife for having an affair). The only way to avoid this is to concoct a killer sting news story which you can blackmail your boss with. And get your ex-wifes broadsheet to publish it. All seems a bit far fetched? You ain’t heard nothing yet.

The story is as follows: bosses wife bears a slight resemblance to bosses ex-wife. Therefore, without any research, why not suggest she is his daughter: that he married HIS OWN DAUGHTER. That will keep him at bay. Well not really, as this kind of thing is easy to disprove: OMG SHE WAS HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!! She tops herself. The End.

Just like a real paper.

Worst British film since Love, Honour & Obey.