Whilst having quite disjunctive styles, aims and lead characters, Domino and Lord Of War are remarkably similar movies. And not just because both of them are pretty bad. Here is just a quick summary of their similarities.

Both are based around an intriguing lead character. This examination of this character was clearly invented or pitched as the point of the film and both (Knightley’s Domino and Cage in Lord Of War) are larger than life. Both do somewhat unreliable narrations. Both films desperately try to concoct an interesting story around these characters, but both fail. Both are morally dubious leads: Cage’s arms dealers is perhaps likeable but pretty evil really, while Domino seems to claim victimhood via being arsey and wanting to beat people up. This makes them both pretty difficult to emphasize with, and thus you care little about what happens to them. Both have drug related dream sequences: and in both films this is when you end up feeling really bored. Both has slow motion shots of people being shot in the head. And therefore yes, both of them are pretty bad.