As promised here: what is the Fantastic Four like as a film? Judged on its cinematic merits, it is pretty rubbish. It is a real flash back to the hey-day of lousy action movies (1990’s) where special effects ruled the roost and films were judged on explosions per square inch. There is absolutely no flair (except the Human Torch) in these special effects, which are competent rather than jaw dropping. Director Tim Story (aptly named for his dislike of well thought out narrative) may well have been chosen for his abilities with actors instead, though on this material it is hard to see why. Most things are framed badly, the climax is short and uninspiring and nearly incomprehensible. As a piece of cinema it stinks.

As a summer action movie its strongest point is the nostalgia value for those angst free, rubbish action movies. The fact that the villain has no character motivation at all is, this summer at least, a novelty. The film is an entertaining slice of hokum, made all the more hokey by its flaws. I agree with Tom’s assessment of it as entertainment, but am also happy to say it is a rubbish film.