Thank you for your clever and insightful treatise on the American love of guns, Dear Wendy. I think most people will see through the artfully constructed gunfight at the end, lovingly tailored and easily the most cinematic part of the movie as the sham it really is. That this section of your film is easily better than the juvenile dicking about in period clothes is just a trick any cineaste will see through. The tedious wankery about pacifism and the clumsy “don’t notice the race of the bad guy” is just a clever piece of slight of hand for us to realise that guns are bad. Admittedly it must have been risky doing this by giving various period guns silly names and attaching them to loser characters who could not exist in this, or any other world. Not even Denmark. After all, as we know, the central states of the US are identical in every way to a disused factory on an industrial estate in Copenhagen.

I would also like to thank you for pointing out facts about guns (they kill people) that anyone too close to America would never have noticed. And that in getting your youthful cast of no given age to speak in a realistic manner (aping the idiom of Brideshead Revisited) that will bring the message in your film to the heart of every child. Your film is a resounding success in every way: except the minor matter of it being tedious to watch. And stupid.