Stealth is a very good, bad film. Almost ever part of it is entertainingly risible. Almost every minute flouts all laws of science, its own script AND its own plot logic. Whilst it is slightly overlong, it would probably rock in at one hour less if all of the explosions were taken out. Put it like this, this film is far to stupid to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Some (by all means not all) of the questions raised by Stealth:

On the artificially intelligent plane:
a) If you could invent a properly artificially intelligent computer, would the first place you would put it be in an advanced fighter jet.
b) And why would you give it the same voice as HAL, a notoriously untrustworthy computer from a film, if you want people to trust it
c) And why would you not test it in non-combat situation. Lots of non-combat situations.
d) Or indeed consider what might happen if it is struck by lightning, considering this is an occupational hazard of planes.

On the science:
a) How do you read someone’s optic nerve from an orbiting satellite
b) Or indeed for that matter take their fingerprints?

On the military side:
a) If you are picking three pilots to be the best of the best of the best (3 out of 440 applicants of your test pilots), why would you pick one who constantly disobeys orders
b) why would you use real military buildings, vehicles and personnel as cannon fodder to test them
c) Why wouldn’t you notice when two of them clearly fancy each other jeopardizing unity of the team and potentially starting a new war when one wants to rescue the other (that rule breaker again)

This final question is one for the world in general though:
Why are their so many soldiers, weapons and guns in demilitarised zones…