Because I’m a boring old sci-fi rockist, I didn’t get as much out of the new Doctor Who as most. Great start, lovely economy etc, but building up a series-wide theme to a climax written by Enya caused me to consider it a bit of a shame. Next series might be better, though.

Then earlier this week, for obscure reasons, I was looking for the Glastonbury ’99 live version of Orbital’s Doctor Who theme. It turns out that the studio version on The Altogether was a bit.. obvious, and missing the phenomenal build-up. So for thematic reasons, on to You Lot from the next album. A fine work-out – banging then bleepy then synthy for two and a half minutes, then SITTING UP IN MY CHAIR as the sample from The Second Coming starts, thinking “Yes! More of this! Another 100 series of this man being the Doctor.. aw bollocks”.

And then reading this letter from London (contains topical material) and hearing it read by Christopher Ecclestone, realising that himself and Russell T. Davies have created a character, and given name (and substance) to a voice inside us, furious and smart and good. Which is, yeah, is fantastic.

I don’t expect the new Doctor to be entirely like that, but that’s okay, I’ve got the old one either way.