Blue Sky is a Korean anime film. It is set in a dystopian future where climate changes has wrecked the Earth and everyone lives in an intelligent domed city called Ecobahn. This is quite possibly the technological solution to global warming that George Bush is keen on. And of course not everyone lives in the city protected from the deadly toxic rain. There are rebels (quelle surprise) and of course all the workers that mine the toxic sludge that feeds the city full of rich people. But we don’t like to talk about the underclass.

Anyway, it is always raining toxic rain, we are told in a mightily lethargic introduction. Except actually on screen it never actually seems to be raining at all. Still, that is a minor problem, and possibly due to the poor fit between all the backgrounds being computer animated and the foregrounds being hand drawn. Computers don’t like rain.

Still if it isn’t actually always raining, it is always cloudy, which is almost as bad. Cos like it is threatening to rain. As such the idea of Blue Sky (NAME OF FILM ALERT) is legendary and thought of as myth. Along with the one place on earth where the sky is ALWAYS blue. Where is this mythical shangri-la/xanadu/paradise island.


You read that right. The ratty town home of little Englanders, crap throwing apes and an airport where they have to close a road to land a plane. The thorn in the side of the Spanish, is the home of the legendary always blue skies. Not when I was there. Still, this was the final nail in yet another incomprehensible, po-faced manga based pile of toss. A genre that I thought I might like is dying by the minute. Not very pretty to look at, with a plot that is full of people heroically dying for no reason, and taking their time doing it. Anime is almost certainly dead to me now. Sky Blew it away.