Not going to add anything to the various mentions of Batman Begins round here but rather to confirm an interesting casting choice. Mr Zsaz, a relatively minor member of Batman’s rogue gallery, whose ginnick is killing people and cutting himself (from a more sophisticated psychological era that The Riddler say) is the first real “Batman” villain who turns up in BB. It is, like many things in the film, a nice wink to the fans. But what is even nicer in some ways is that this almost wordless turn is played by Tim Booth out of James. He is in complete Michael Stipe mode: Bald, serial killer beard. But those eyes reek the same sort of malevolence as they always did when he was singing Come Home. Sit Down next to you? Not likely you scary serial killer.

(Item two to note is that the Blogger’s spellcheck wants to turn Batman into Bateman: DO YOU SEE! Well yes, and so has everyone else.)