I had a sublime experience watching Primal Scream at Glastonbury a few years ago. There. I. Said. It. They popped up on BBC3 yesterday with ColinandEdith, and it was a… ridiculous experience. Booby Gillespie’s (real typo, kids) ‘I am a 45-year-old junkie’ act was the very definition of sad-sack punker rockism. At 17, I probably would have loved it: “OMG! Someone just said ‘techno Jerry Lee Lewis'”. Twat. And they slagged off Basement Jaxx.
In general though, having up to five channels covering Glasto was awesome fuckin’ welles. I still haven’t lost the habit of looking for people I know in the crowd. The music was a bit pish overall, but any TV Glasto vet will tell you that’s, like, beside the point: it’s the experience that counts.