QT has directed TV before, most notably a superbly blood-splattered episode of ER. One does not expect his direction of an episode of CSI to be anything less than “icky”. But now he is toying with a whole TV series.
Well he would not be the first (HALLO DAVID LYNCH) to dip toes in this water. And one would think that with HBO these days he could get away with almost anything. But as Lynch found, you can spiral off into nothing if it is not tightly plotted. Christ, even 24, which is now on its fourth season (I am halfway through) has not completely mastered the dual masters of being satisfying both episodically and over the entire series.

Nevertheless Tarantino would be an interesting guy to try out in this format. But it also brings up the suggestion that suddenly TV writers and format creators are suddenly being elevated to director level fame. Joss Whedon and JJ Abrahms are getting film gigs, perhaps neglecting what they were good at in the first place. It might be time for QT to remind us that good TV is as important as good film.