Unfair title. Sorry. Sahara is great. Well the last hour is when the fights happen and things blow up. Yes, it is silly but as action movies go, you have a few heroes who sepnd most of the film being implacable and enjoying the adventure. Death of the emo hero is a good thing.

Also, and this may seem an odd thing to say, Sahara is a more politically bold film than The Interpreter. In this year of films about Africa (of which Hotel Rwanda is the winner on historical significance) Sahara stakes the biggest claim at representing an Africa that exists. It does not do it very well, we still have bits of exoticism and the white guys saving the day. But at least in Sahara
a) The countries are real
b) The white saviours come from two different colonial nations (Spain and the US)

WHat is nice about Sahara is it is more than clear that the rest of the world does not actually give a shiot about Africa. This point is clearly highlighted in Hotel Rwanda, but then that takes place in the past, and it is a serious movie. When the US Ambassador refuses to do anything in Sahara, you only feel that 20% of that decision was so that Dirk Pitt and gang can save the world themselves. 80% is just, yep, that’s what would happen.