Quoting other movies is a bog standard way of getting admittedly sometimes shoddy secondhand laffs. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle/Get The Munchies (delete as appropriate) turns an entire film out of this, but not in a Scary Movie derivative way. Instead it is more than happy to subvert its own quotations, so that the ugly truck driver is not a mass murderer, and trumping the bullies is not a matter of direct aggression. It is a film which is all about confounding expectations after all, allying its racially tolerant theme with a balls out stoner comedy.

Best quotation in the film however is its version of the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne’s World. Instead of high camp rock though, Harold & Kumar find themselves singing along to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. The power of bombastic pomp pop not only illustrates why this kind of pop is so great, but it is affectionately funny as you watch it. It probably won’t revive Wilson Phillips career, but it probably shuffles them a few layers up in the bargain bin.