Ocean’s 12 is a soundtrack in search of a movie. No, scratch that. It is one of those soundtracks to imaginary films made by bands like The Cinematic Orchestra which somehow has stumbled across a film that kind of fits it. WHatever, David Holmes produces a very nice, plot-moving soundtrack to a home video of fifteen or so actors bumming around Europe. Its almost a feature length version of that Southern Comfort ad where the American Interrailers get on the train to Barcalona instead of Prague. “To Prague” they cheer, until asked for tickets to Barcalona. “To Barcalona,” thety riposte oblivious of the fact that
a) They may not have tickets to Barcalona
b) Their wardrobe will be totally inappropriate
c) that actually they probably could get off the train quite soon and just get on the next train to Prague.

This advert therefore merely goes to disply that perenial Southern Comfort drinking will rot the brain so much that the difference between Barcalona and Prague is negligible. “Hey, we’re just here for the bouzing on the train.” Substituting the train for the high class hotel, and that’s what Ocean’s 12 is all about.

The main note of diquiet comes from Don Cheedle, whose English accent has improved slightly, but not enough. One wonders if his Hutu accent is equally plausible in Hotel Rwanda.