An Open Letter To Trailer Producers Of British Comedy Films:

It has come to my attention that nearly any time a British comedy act make a film, for the big screen, there is only one trope that trailer makers seem fit to exploit. Namely how unlikely it is that a British comedy act should be making a film in the first place. Hence we get the “Ultimate Disaster Movie” tag for Bean. A long, drawn out meaningless intro for the Kevin & Perry Go Large movie to be punctuated by Kevin’s –ahem – catchphrase: “Oh Mum, you’re so embaressing”. And coming out of exactly the same place is the thoroughly uninspiring trailer for the League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse. Complete with “In a time…”. Take a leaf out of the Shaun Of The Dead trailer. Show some of the jokes from the film.

Oh, and this means you too Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Just cos you are American, it does not mean you have not been guilty of this too.