on the LATE (and silly) ARRIVAL of the G.F.NEWMAN-NESS of DUB DOB DEEB

ok DDD is i. going to be sacked fr shaggin a defendent, yeah stick it to the man hurrah! oh wait…)
ii. takin his corrupt brother-in-law (=home secretary) down (w.his dad-the-also-high-ct-judge as collateral damage).
iii. fightin the forces of govt corruption and sleaze singlehandedly (except that the entire legal profession is rootin for him apart from the corrupt ones
iv. a one-man personality-cult army of whorin robin-hoodlike righteousness IN A WIG

last night he proved his goodness by sitting in on and taking over the judgin of his squeeze mrs mills (thus totally humiliating her) (she is completely incompetent and an emotional flibbertigibbet) (this is supposedly counteracted by her obsessive stalkerish desire to kidnap and smother adopt a “problem child” and raise him brilliantly despite spending her entire time in the court-room) (yes yes there is a solid feminist point somewhere in here, it’s just that the plot-writers can’t see it through their “just-think-of-the-children” piety frenzy) (and dear GOD jenny seagrove is still a terrible actress)

the “forces of reactionary evil” are represented by a civil servant so monumentally tactically inept that all drama is postponed (haha it wd be cool if he wins, by eg lamming DDD w.the lead piping in the conservatory): basically all he does is say (to other judges) things like “if dib dob dog is allowed to continue the unleashed forces of evil will be thwarted, can’t you help me?” and they say “yes of course hey wait a minute!!?”

in a daring break w.past practice, the inherent drama of the courtroom is endlessly broken up by meaningless tension-leeching digressions (mostly related to the “problem child”) (who this ep wz threatened by national security goons w.being kidnapped and chucked out of a window!!)

the idea behind this last ep.wz that if the probably innocent underling charged w.stealing thousands of pounds from his maniacally corrupt and slimy boss (and bi lover!) (“my client is a knight of the realm! how can he be homosexual also?”) is falsely imprisoned, then a – strangely small – bribe to the home secretary will be revealed and the STATE WILL TOTTER!!

it is must-see garbage!! DIB DIB DIB!! DOG DOG DOG!!