How Soon We Forget!

Greeting me at the tube the last couple of morning has been a poster for HUFF, a new sitcom starring Hank Azaria. “At last” sez one of the pull quotes, “Hank Azaria gets the starring vehicle he deserves…”


It is not often I feel superior in knowledge to a TV reviewer, being as I never watch the thing, but what I say what about HERMAN’S HEAD. This also starred Hank Azaria, and indeed quite a few other people who went on to do Simpsons voices (well, Nancy thingumajig was in it, at least.)

Herman’s Head was great. It was a very late 80s sitcom split between a boring sitcom office and a man’s brain, which was inhabited by aspects of his personality. These aspects would fight for control Numskulls-style and make him do Bad Things. It was all very clever and a bit ‘meta’ and anticipated the fashion in the 90s for slightly ‘surreal’ things happening. It was also handily screened in the wee hours of the morning at the exact time I was a student. But I still maintain that whatever the merits of Huff this was Azaria’s finest hour.