All New Captain Scarlet changes the theme tune, the mode of animation and the colour of the Mysterons. It also manages to turn Melody Angel into a monkeyish munter with helmet hair and dispenses of Scarlet’s Cary Grant accent. But that is not all, in some kind of sop to political correctness Lieutenant Green is now a woman. Except this is not a sop, since the job of LG was always to be the office skivvy, so this is in many ways a retrograde step. This new, ahem, HYPERMARIONATION bog standard piece of motion capture CGI gives all the male characters terrible skin conditions and five O’Clock shadow. And takes two episodes to tell a story that the original Captain Scarlet took one to tell (the tedious origin of CS nebulous indestructibility). This version makes just a little sense and is duller, which is no mean feat considering the originals ponderous puppetry. About as relevant and timely as the CGI Dan Dare, and considerably less exciting.