“Some people are dicks, and pussies don’t like dicks because they get fucked by them. And then there are arseholes…”

The logic inherent in Parker & Stone’s scatalogical analogy espoused in Team America : World Police is one of the most amusing parts of the film, and certainly one of the best written. The question though, as most people afeared of the film try to work out, is what are Parker & Stone themselves. Dicks, Pussies or Arseholes?

Just because the lead characters are firmly dicks we cannot assume that their creators are. If dicks are fundamentally right leaning conservatives, this allows us to identify pussies with the left leaning libertarian cause. But even this crude dichotomy, which might mirror a crude dichotomy artificially placed on politics is somehow not satisfying. Parker & Stone know this, and why do they know this? Because they are the arseholes. And sometimes arseholes shit all over everything. Which is exactly what they are doing here when you think about it.

Great cats though.