Liz & Rob’s Freeview box criticises television

So, we finally got an appropriate aerial to help our shiny new Freeview box do its stuff and provide us with access to UKTV History, BBC 4 and, most importantly, Bid-up TV. Programmes such as last year’s recycled Cribs and Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds now form vital components of our domestic entertainment matrix. However, we have noted certain quirks of the little silver machine surfacing over time. For example, during a viewing of the very stylish video to Charles and Eddy’s Would I Lie to You? (shown as part of The HITS’ Classic Hits Weekend), the broken-down jazzy middle eight (so familiar to Top of The Pops fans from the early 90s) was mysteriously blanked out by interference, only for the song and video to become crystal clear again as the verse came back in. Clearly, we must make note of future occurrences of this type in order to ascertain the precise critical stance adopted by our digital television receiver. Look to the skies.