the ineffectiveness of the transparently fake debate

the times is currently pushing itself as a forum for lively debate, in particular with a series of ads featuring Harry Hill and Sanjeev Bhaskar fake-arguing about “the best film of all time”: one of them offers a grindingly obviously choice (they’re done tarantino, the godather and casablanca so far that i’ve seen), and the other shoots it down with a tired stand-up zinger (“oscar for the best mumbling more like!”)

unless the point really is to stimulate the would-be times reader to come up with THEIR OWN MUCH BETTER MUCH FUNNIER REASONS PRO or CON, the halt-and-lame scripting has been acutely terrible. surely they must have a good enough ear – given their y’know DAYJOBS AS COMEDIANS – to know and inwardly cringe at how exactly how crappy they sound (i hope both have fired their agents, this is career-wrecking stuff)