I’d Rather Jack
Newly-commissioned eps of Scooby Doo mean that the Simpsons loses its hard won “most episodes of a cartoon” claim. (That all important BBC News link). But last month, more importantly, Samurai Jack won the animation Emmy that traditionally goes Simpsons-ward.

I want everything on telly to be as watchable and as beautiful as Samurai Jack, so i’m pretty miffed that it seems to have been cancelled. Or at least I’ve read that the original commission (52 episodes, guide here) has expired and not been renewed. With the same studio/talent moving on to the succesful (and actually pretty good) Star Wars Clone Wars property, I don’t expect we’ll be seing anything more of Jack. Luckily I see these episodes so randomly that it likes collecting a full set of trading cards. I’ve got lots to still see, and i still enjoy “already seens”. I saw episode 52 (Jack and the Baby) last night, and it has a characteristically downbeat ending – in Jack’s company the baby has seen enough to achieve “sakai” (so the ep guide tells me), or the spirit of the samurai. Something to do with menacing eyebrows.