Whoever created dial up access deserves to be shot….or ever-so-slowly filleted. How is any self respecting night owl supposed to get her groove on, when even net radio on low bandwidth causes me to miss the odd word or entire verse? While listening to Radio @ AOL within the past 2 hours, my computer’s frozen 3 times.  Course, I never get the 2 seconds I need to SAVE that 22 K email I just got bloodshot eyes from typing.

In that perfect universe,  I’d say to hell with it and run for the nearest EasyEverything cafe( http://www.easyeverything.com) with its lovely , cheap T1  lines. But what to do when: 30 day access pass (A)  + eternal search for the green (B) doesn’t equal broadband access (C) ? Grit your molars and reboot your mate’s comp again.  As the whole world prolly figured out by now, no amount of “perky family” commercials will negate the fact that AOL 9.0 is complete crap. “Optimized”, hell: the connection is just as slow, and the time it takes to open its shiny, new homepage isn’t worth the time if you can’t actually move around once its open. Even using IE 6.0 as the browser doesn’t always work: I’d got the  Internet Explorer needs to close message twice, so far. 

At least I get to hear the gentle rumble of the garbage truck and avoid the glare of the sun in my eye as I dive into bed.  Just enough time to give my sense of humour the nap it desperately needs.