Oh no! EVIL Daleks! Oh no!

Following up on Tom’s notes below, he may be right that it’s no bad thing not to have Daleks in the new Dr Who, but I was delighted by the reason. Apparently they are owned by the estate of Terry Nation (and we’ll leave aside the debate about whether he actually created them at all), and the estate fears that the new series will make them “too evil”. Have these people watched the shows and seen the Daleks as cute and cuddly and sweet? Or at least with some redeeming good qualities? Like what? How could they be made too evil? My oldest friend thought they were an allegory for Nazism, which doesn’t make me think they were supposed to be ambiguous.

I think we need suggestions how to make them more evil. My first thought: they don’t just chant “EXTERMINATE!” while massacring everyone, but sing Stereophonics songs.