FT Top 100 Films


mark sinker says:

This is in the 100 because GOD’S ANGELS spoke to me. If you disagree then I shall raise THE FIGHTING MANHOOD OF ALL FRANCE and drive you from our blog. IT IS STYLISH AND FUNNY and BETTER THAN ANY OTHER HISTORICAL um EPIC EVER!!

Pete Baran says:

Have you noticed that the E and the x on the side of a Fed Ex van forms a lovely little arrow? Now that’s a proper messenger.

Yesterday we saw the start of Luc Besson and Milla Jovovitch’s marriage. Today we see the end. Which is odd becuase looking at her roles you would have put money on them being the other way round. In The Fifth Element she is eye-candy comic relief, the least convincing supremem being ever and wearing a few bits of masking tape. Here she is Joan Of Fucking ARC! Darling of the French. Proven to be a witch by the British. And whilst she has to wear possibly chaffing armour for much of it, its the kind of portrayal obviously written by an adoring husband for his wife.

What the film gets wrong though is the suggestion that Joan was anything other than a witch. Perhaps she was duped by the devil into believing her visions of Our Lady Of Lourdes. Maybe she was to dim to tell the difference. But why on earth would God, cricket and tea included, incite a peasant girl into fighting against the English? Either dim (which the film hints at) or a real actual witch (which would make a great film) – but not some sort of female French Rambo figure. I thought history was written by the winners.