Do they take us for fools?: few forms of media are worse than the Radio Ad* but the new Toyota one takes some kind of cake (possibly Battenburg). Vaguely geezerish regional bloke talking about the joys of youth – “going on dates”, yes go on then, “popping down the chemist” – WINK WINK – “got to her house – how was I to know her dad was a pharmacist?” – cue ident. Hey, HOLD ON A BIT. This is surely a rubbish, poorly-paced radio remake of the not-too-distant Levis TV ad with the identical situation/gag (but considerably more flair). Have they no shame? How this relates to Toyota I know not – of course I can remember the brand so THEY HAVE WON. Even so, poor show.

*(recent partial exception: Average Noodles.)