Anthony Mann — Preamble I was about to do my first post on Anthony Mann’s noirs, when I came across something startling on the interweb. Mann’s noirs, made as B-pictures in the late 1940s,  are less well known than his Westerns with James Stewart which kicked off with ‘Winchester ’73’ in 1950. But I managed, via Amazon marketplace, to source a DVD set of three of the noirs, produced in 1999 by a company I’d never heard of, for a knockdown price. The seller’s name was Frank Krutnik.
Then, searching the archives of the ultra-left film magazine Framework, I found this contents list for a 1981 issue:

‘Afterthoughts on “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” Inspired by Duel in the Sun‘ – Laura Mulvey


‘Heroic Fatality and Visual Delirium: Raw Deal [Dir: Anthony Mann — HKM] and the Film Noir’  – Frank Krutnik


INTERVIEW Anthony Mann (USA) – Jean-Claude Missiaen

So it really has all been done before. Thanks again, Frank.