101 Things Removed From The Human Body (because someone had to post it). Really once you have got past the 24 inch steak knife, the five nails and the kid who literally had half of his brain blown out, there was not far for the program to go. Except south of the head, at which point I knew it was all going to get more gory and I decided on bed. And could not sleep for fear that some freak accident would too imbed something in my body which may not end up being as benign as all of these poor sods.

101 Things Removed From The Human Body is a bizarre mix of Dumb And Dumber style horrific pratfalls and a chart clip show. The chart aspect is a bit nebulous, as is the numbering system. You are expecting to see the 101 things, instead you get one in five or six and then a long list of equally tantalising objects (chopsticks, scissors, teeth*) unseen. These accidents could have been ranked in ugh factor, operating time or an equally nebulous scoring system similar to one they used on Top Ten Prog Rock. The voile-over is gleeful, but nowhere near as gung-ho as Tommy Vance’s godlike genius on Dumber And Dumber – the problem is here that these people often were not dumb at all, just unlucky – followed by extremely lucky. In the end, the beauty of 101 Things Removed From The Human Body is that it is the best kind of water cooler television, in as much as you do not actually have to see it to appreciate it. Just make that face, and anyone will be convinced you saw it.

*Not that removing teeth from the human body is particularly unusual if you think about it.