The Post-TV Diaries: part 5

Something incredibly wonderful has been restored to me since television left my life: TIME. Not just in the sense that I have more of it, though I definitely do. But the whole concept. When you have TV, clock-time becomes disturbingly irrelevant – so what if it’s 3pm and I should be at work: there’s Voyager repeats! It’s 4am? Never mind, it can’t be time for bed when the world of QVC is wide awake! Time passes stealthily, without you noticing, in TV land. Now, I savour the different character of each hour of the evening. I know when the sun sets instead of when Eastenders starts. Time doesn’t come to me packaged in half-hour slots (minus adverts). And if it does sometimes drag, because I’ve got no money and no TV… well, I feel bored for 5 minutes and then I get up and DO something.