The sound went ker-fluiieee when I went to see Van Helsing on Sunday. (Yes I know, I too fear that I am becoming a jinx). So my experience of the film is tempered by
a) Missing a bit in the middle while I went out to notify/complain to the management
b) Not hearing any dialogue, only sound effects for a good half of the film
c) Being generally pissed off.

Up to this point I had been rather enjoying the whole mess, though it was becoming increasingly clear that the film was not going to let up for one second. Also Kate Beckinsale had only been in it for about twenty minutes and her usual rubbishness was still being tempered by the really silly accent she was using. When I could no longer hear her accent, she really started to annoy.

Point is we missed most of the plot, not being able to hear the exposition. It seemed quite clear that the entire sporadic dialogue existed only to explain what seemed to be a really rather convoluted reason for Dracula, his brides employing the Wolfman to catch Frankenstein to help him give birth to the aliens from Aliens. I am not sure I would have enjoyed any of the reasons, but that was not my choice.

Do I want to go back and watch it again? I am not sure if I could take it. I have seen all the stunts and yes they did evoke a kind of wild eyed childish glee, but I do not really need to see them again. The plot I fear would really annoy me. And in the end I am not sure if the film could get better then the moment in the final battle where the sound gave up completely and the crowd started supplying their own dialogue and sound effects.