The Saddest Music In The World is not a Leonard Cohen biopic, but despite that (or probably because of it) it manages to be a whole mess of fun. The plot? The literally legless Isabella Rosellini is running a saddest music in the world contest at her brewery in Winnipeg. She is sad since her legs were amputated by a pissed bloke who fancied her. His son, who she really fancied, pitches up to represent the US. His depressive brother represents Serbia, hounded by the death of his son and his missing wife (who appears to be his brother beau). Their father, the drunken doctor, represents Canada and trying to atone to his hacksaw victim he makes the brewery queen a pair of glass legs full of beer.

There is your set up, I will not spoil what actually happens. Suffice to say you get some wonderful musical battles (Tibet vs Mexico is the best), and some wonderfully silly moments. That this has been shot to look liek a faded 1930’s musical adds to the fun. Really silly, but oddly moving in places, the film has ideas to spare. My favourite bits were the prize for the winner, riding down a slide into a bath of beer. And the comentators on the competition: bitchy, ill-informed, kind of like Terry Wogan in full Eurovision mode but talking over the music. The first World Music, 1930’s musical? Oh yes.