The Onion AV Club runs through some scenes which were rightly deleted from films which hopefully DVD has saved us from official inclusion as some form of directors cut. This subject came up the other day after an experiment between watching Terminator 2 (Special Edition) and the video which displayed that the special edition buffed up a few effects and re cut the entire beginning of the film.

Of course I was accused of rockism when conversation drifted over to the Star Wars question (ie you literally cannot see the 1977 cut), and I guess the accusation may be justified. Sure revisionism happens all the time, but the creeping re:dub of the recent release of Tom & Jerry when the southern Mammie’s voice has been dubbed with a Hispanic voice* alters the history and understanding of the background of these scenes. I can see why the might want to do it but just tell us if you do it ather than release these cuts as the real deal. Its just another incidence of history rewriting itself.

*The suggestion being that it is no longer fitting to have black people in positions of servitude, but its okay to have a Puerto Rican maid.