In his tremendous memoir, Times Square Red Times Square Blue, Samuel R. Delany spends a few pages discusses acting in porno movies during the 70s and early 80s: he was a gay man in the cinemas because they were also (mainly, in fact) male-male pickup joints, and he had to do something during till the right guy happened along, so he checked out the film – well, i’m never likely to be tracking these performances down, but Delany’s very positive about a handful of the stars, about how watchable, likeable and interesting they were as actresses… and it’s true, sex scenes in mainstream movies and TV are almost pure deadzone: soft-focus slomo undulating to lame music and THAT’S IT zzzz!! This new series of FW is still far too sluggish plotwise to be the new Queer as Folk, which seems (admirably) to be its intention – and I’m not sure I’d want to claim that Zo’ Lucker as Tanya has made some kind of acting breakthrough, but if she’s fairly one-note witchy with her clothes on, she’s been funny and daring during the other bits. OK, that probably just sounds pervoid and creepy, but what I mean is, she does stuff during the usual acrobatics which looks like the behaviour of someone with an active mind – which haha is of course proof in FW terms that she = Pure Evil.