But, I’ll post my review anyway, if that’s okay?

My “it’s got Ben Stiller in it so it must be good” theory has been somewhat exposed by his latest effort “Along Came Polly”. It’s not a terrible film, but it relies way too much on toilet humour (haha if Ben eats spicy food he gets the runs, there’s no toilet paper, flood, shock, horror! – and the even worse “I just sharted”, I won’t explain, work it out). I’m not sure about Jennifer Aniston in films, she was okay in Bruce Almighty, but she doesn’t really come across well as the free spirit. Stiller plays a typical urban neurotic, though not as well as he did in the Royal Tenenbaums. It follows the old rom-com formula, of broken hearts and staid routines, the new love, the odd lie here and there, the transformation and the she’s leaving town. It really all adds up to an okay movie that is watchable, say just as watchable as the Guru was, at least it’s not too long. Actually, the side story of his bitter ex-child actor pal might have made a better film, but wasn’t there such a film out recently?

Anyway, I saw a trailer for Starsky and Hutch, it’s got Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and the X-Factor of Snoop Dogg in it, so it must be great! I hope this hypothesis won’t be cruelly refuted…And then there was the trailer for “50 Firtst Dates”, Sandler and Barrymore = A WINNER!