I watched Yu-Gi-Oh this morning, it’s a cartoon that has just one basic element: two people have a deck of cards each (kinda like Top Trumps), and they bring up computer animated versions of the characters and whatnot on the cards to fight! It’s just turned based – “a-ha my red eyes black dragon will defeat your puny bone warrior!” “You’re over-confidence is your biggest weakness, I shall play my power drain card in defence mode” “what?!? no!” “You must believe in the power of your cards” (or something like that, there’s a lot of complexity in the simplicity). Anyway, it’s a critical stage at the moment, Yu-Gi (the weird haired kid who is very Zen in battle) is playing against his pal Joey for the privilege of fighting the evil Pagasus, who has captured Joey’s sister and Yu-Gi’s Grandfather! Oh no!! Does this mean that only one can be saved?? It’s a more cerebral/cynical Pokemon, whichever is your viewpoint, I’m sure there’s alot of merchandise involved. I’m sure the kids love it!