Menko New Nintendo DS Console Annoucement!!: It’s NEW CONSOLE TIME, which will herald ”an unprecedented approach to video game play. Holding two separate game screens in the palm of your hand hits the scene later this year when Nintendo introduces a new portable game system, code-named Nintendo DS.’

Nintendo say this will be demonstrated at E3 in May. I assume Do You See will fund a fledgling correspondent the meagre plane fare?

I’m not sure what I think about this myself. Nothing has been mentioned about controls, link-ups with GBA/GC or indeed MULTIMEDIA INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING BAND 2 PEER NETWORKS so there’s potentially a lot of stuff still to come. Indeed, considering the PSP is supposedly being launched as “a portable PS2 with video and audio playbacks” you gotta wonder what the DS can come up with to compete. The majority of chatter surrounding the DS seems to rank it in the N64 generation, which frankly seems baffling when PS1 games have been launched on mobile phone devices to mixed reception.

Although if it IS essentially a portable N64, I reckon you could place good money on spotting whichever unlucky sod is stuck on Ocarina of Time in the Water Temple.