Lordy. Finally it is over. The last ever Only Fools And Horses. Please this time let that be true. Ending again with a birth, a couple of discarded old plots, a deus ex machina and the creekiest David Bowie joke I have heard in a long time (Ziggy Sawdust indeed). The only notable thing was the scene where Rodney finds out his true parentage. Showing the 1960’s photo to Cassandra he pans across: ‘whose that’ he asks. ‘It’s you.’ She replies at a spived up Nicholas Lyndhurst in the photo. For a brief second it was almost as if in his lack of any decent plots John Sullivan had gone and nicked the entire premise of another Nicholas Lyndhurst starring sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart*. Alas it was not to be. This was merely one of those cases where fathers look identical to their sons. Still, for a brief moment’

*Goodnight Sweetheart is one of the most abstruse sitcom to show on the BBC. It involved Lyndhurst as a man who discovers that he can travel back to 1940’s England at which point he lives a bizarre double life as a time travelling adulterer making his money by writing Beatles songs twenty years before his time. An honourable mention should however go in this category to Mulberry, a Karl Howman sitcom where he plays Death who can’t be arsed to knock off a little old lady.