I Love Horses, They’re My Friends. Advert breaks have been spiced up since Christmas by the wonderous publishing house known as Deagostini, the mafia front* magazine publishers who publish magazines in series of one squillion issues, each with a special** free gift. A recent favourite in Peckham Palais has been “I Love Horses and Horse-Riding” magazine, which features a lovely yet slightly desperate song lyric – as seen above. Makes me relieved I bypassed horse riding girls stories in favour of Just William. How I wished it was THE WAR so I could collect SCRAP but perhaps that’s a topic more for the Brown Wedge eh?

What? Sounds a great song don’t you think? IF ONLY a jaunty remix was available on the interweb for all us horse lovers! Hopefully in mp3 format? Cor… because you’ve been good this year, go on. Yet again Do You See points you in the right direction – (DIRECT LINK TO MP3 boys and girls so ‘ware). He has other songs too, but I suggest you spend a bit of time admiring the cute robot. Awww. Robots. Nice one Mystery Bob.

I love robots.
They’re my friends.

**special alright, yeah yeah. aaaah. no not aaaah. aaaaaah.